Facility & Process


Vision for the Future

Greer Lime Company has deep roots in the community, but a vision for the future.  We have implemented new ideas and new equipment into our operation to meet our customer’s needs.

Rotary Kilns

Through our Operating Control System, we have computerized control of our kilns; analyzing the kiln dynamics and making responses to the firing rate based on hourly quality tests. Two rotary kilns are operated and controlled by the latest technologies. Computer-generated statistics are monitored by plant management and kiln operators perform hourly carbon/sulfur analysis on production to ensure that lime quality meets customer specifications.
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Bradley Hercules Air Stream Mill

The Bradley Hercules Air Stream Mill allows us to provide you with a greater range and volume of limestone products. The Bradley Mill is designed to provide greater control over current product lines and increases the consistency and quality of the products you receive from Greer Lime. The mill is capable of producing customized ground limestone products for numerous applications that require varying degrees of physical sizing.
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The experienced and degreed chemists in our lab are using X-Ray technology to analyze our hydrated lime to ensure that we are supplying the best hydrated lime in the region.
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Our scales dramatically decrease the time it takes to weigh-in and weigh-out; this ensures that our products get to our customers in a timelier manner.

Handling & Packaging

Our upgraded facility includes fully automated handling and packaging processes.

They include:

  • A new PLC-controlled packer
  • New fully automated, PLC-controlled Moller palletizer and stretch hooder
  • Installation of a Bulk Super Sack system for rock dust packages up to 3000 pounds. The system automates filling and weighing.