09 May 2017

Three Products Achieve UL Environment Claim Validations

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Greer Lime Company is pleased to announce that 3 of our products; GreerCC-200, GreerCC-325 and Greer Industrial Sand have all achieved UL environment claim validations for containing a minimum of 100% pre-consumer recycled content. Greer Industrial Sand is a high calcium limestone sand, with applications including glass manufacturing and industrial fillers. Its high calcium content is an essential element for other industrial, agricultural, and animal nutritional processes. GreerCC-200 and GreerCC-325 are engineered high calcium fine ground limestone products for use as fillers and extenders, as well as a key source of calcium for other industrial and environmental processes.

UL is a world renowned entity which has been in existence for over 120 years. UL is the epitome of the best environmental standards. It is a prestigious organization that recognizes sustainable products and brings trusted transparency, which helps drive purchasing clarity, in the progressive and extensive green marketplace. UL Environment develops environmental and sustainability standards for a wide range of building products, consumer products and organizations. Standards for Sustainability are created through a collaborative process that takes a holistic approach to standards development.” (ul.com)

As sustainability and environmental concerns are of great significance to the Greer Lime Team, we see this as a step in the right direction. We are privileged to be certified as follows under UL ECVP 2809 Recycled Content, Second Edition, the aforementioned products contain a minimum of 100% pre-consumer recycled content, from manufacturing site 1613645. These respective products are under Project Number 4787511249, which was validated by UL environment on 9/20/2016. Greer Lime Company will continue to ensure that sustainability is a steady constant in an ever-changing industry.


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