06 Jun 2012

Hitting a Home Run with the Community

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Giving back to the community has always held great significance to the Greer Lime team. Over a decade ago, Greer Lime installed two baseball fields on property that maintain a jam-packed schedule for the local community during the warmer months. Located about one mile away from the Greer plant, the fields sit along the bank of the North Fork River, where two local youth baseball teams benefit from the space by playing and practicing the sport together.

Upon its construction, Greer first equipped the fields with dugouts and fencing. However, since its creation, Greer has stayed connected with the expansion by providing continual maintenance and upkeep of the area. On a weekly basis, Greer preserves the area by mowing and weed-eating the grass, adding sand to the infield area, and keeping the area “polished” and updated for the community who puts the fields to great use.

The baseball fields have provided a safe, convenient and community-oriented play area for the local players and their supporters, who would otherwise have to travel approximately 40 minutes away to find the nearest playing field.

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