Greer Lime Markets

+ Animal Feed Additive

High calcium ground limestone is an economical source of essential minerals for the animal feed industry. Supplementing with limestone results in stronger bones and strengthened egg shells for better overall animal health.

+ Coal Mining

Limestone rock dust is generously applied to underground coal mines as a preventative safety measure. In the event of an explosion, limestone rock dust disperses and mixes with explosive coal dust, thereby preventing flame propagation. Limestone plays a crucial role in its capacity to inhibit coal dust explosions and potentially save lives.

+ Construction & Roadways

Greer Lime is a producer of high quality aggregates that meet DOT/DOH specifications for a number of stone classes and sizes with construction and roadway applications. Our lime products have valuable construction related uses such as soil drying and stabilization, and clay soil modification.

+ Glass Manufacturing

Glass is manufactured by heating a mixture of limestone, silica sand, and soda ash to around 1,500°C. Our high calcium limestone sand is a key component in the production of high quality architectural, automotive, and container glass. Characterized by low iron content, our limestone benefits glass producers by aiding in the production of colorless glass.

+ Power Plant

Our high calcium limestone, quicklime, and hydrate products are used in the removal of acidic pollutants from power plant flue gases in both wet and dry scrubbing applications. Wet scrubbing is typically used for the control and removal of sulfur compounds while dry scrubbing is primarily used for the control of HCl emissions.

+ Pulp & Paper

We provide high quality make-up lime to the pulp and paper industries to replace lime that is not regenerated within their process. Lime plays a crucial role in the Kraft (sulfate) process of paper manufacturing and with bleaching to maintain whiteness.

+ Steel Manufacturing

Our lime is used as a fluxing agent to remove impurities from molten steel in both electric arc and basic oxygen furnaces. Our products also have applications in the iron and secondary steel refining processes for the production of high quality metals.

+ Water & Wastewater Treatment

Greer Lime’s quicklime and hydrated products are fundamental to the key processes in drinking water and wastewater treatment. Lime is essential to removing suspended matter, reducing hardness, reducing dissolved metals concentration, disinfection, pH adjustment, and sludge conditioning.


Quality Statement

It is the policy of Greer Lime Company to provide quality products that consistently meet the requirements of our customers. We are committed to a strategy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives

  • To consistently produce products that conform to your specifications
  • To purchase from suppliers that deliver quality products that meet requirements
  • To deliver the products you want when you want them

Now with an expansive product line, our customers represent a diverse array of industries; from steel manufacturing to construction and waste water treatment. They all have one thing in common: the unrelenting commitment from ownership to provide the highest quality products, according to specifications, and at a competitive price.

– John Raese, President and CEO

Greer Lime Company owns its reserves. This means that Greer Lime Company will have a consistent supply of high quality lime products for the next 200 years.