21 May 2012

New Analytical Equipment for Product Testing

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Greer Lime has made significant investments in our quality control laboratory with the purchase of new analytical equipment for product testing. Our new equipment includes an Oxford Instruments Lab-X Supreme XRF analyzer for determining the chemical composition of limestone and lime products with a high rate of accuracy. We’ve also added a Microtrac S3500 particle analyzer which employs laser diffraction to establish the full particle gradation profile of fine powders to the submicron range. Also from Microtrac, we have a surface area analyzer that uses the principles of gas adsorption to determine the surface area of dry powders. This is particularly useful in the production of large surface area hydrate for environmental applications such as flue gas conditioning.

Greer Lime is currently implementing a quality control management software system. This new system will enable us to efficiently control the large amount of data that is generated by our laboratory. It will provide new reporting and analysis tools to assist us in producing and shipping a consistent, high quality product.

Greer Lime recently added a chemist to our quality control laboratory to supplement our existing professional lab technicians. Our chemist will concentrate on quality control oversight and research into methods and procedures with the goal of maintaining stringent quality standards.

All of these factors position Greer Lime as the Mid-Atlantic’s premier (high quality, best value) producer of limestone, lime, and hydrate products.

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