Our Laboratory


With close to 50 years of combined experience, our degreed chemists carry out duties in a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.  They use X-Ray technology to test the purity of lime and limestone products.  To eliminate human error in sampling, we have installed micron air-jet sieves.  Throughout our process, our lime is constantly sampled to ensure quality.

The technicians in our laboratory work in tandem with operators to guarantee that our customer’s specifications are being met.

– Kyle Apple, Plant Manager

Analytical Equipment for Quality Control

Greer Lime has made significant investments in our quality control laboratory with the purchase of new analytical equipment for product testing. Our new equipment includes an Oxford Instruments Lab-X Supreme XRF analyzer for determining the chemical composition of limestone and lime products with a high rate of accuracy. We’ve added a Microtrac S3500 particle analyzer which employs laser diffraction to establish the full particle gradation profile of fine powders to the submicron range. We have a Micromeritics surface area analyzer that uses the principles of gas adsorption to determine the surface area of dry powders. This is particularly useful in the production of large surface area hydrate for environmental applications such as flue gas conditioning. Read more…