06 Jun 2012

Trout, Clean Water, and Community

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We recently conducted a Q&A session with Scott Kisner, our Quality Coordinator. We asked him to talk about a community project involving trout that are raised on-site and donated to the town of Franklin, WV for the Spring Fest Trout Rodeo. The Trout Rodeo is held the first weekend of May each year.

Q. Does the water go through a filtration process? If so, how does it work?

A. There is no water filtration process. The trout run uses spring water from Judy Spring, a large on site spring. The spring is a natural source that is the proper temperature and quality to support and maintain healthy rainbow trout.

Q. Is there a special staff dedicated to this work only?

A. Two plant employees, Linda Judy and Brandy Bland, spend a few hours each week caring and feeding for the fish in addition to maintaining the trout run (cleaning grates, etc.).

Q. How does this process make a difference in the environment?

A. We raise rainbow trout from fingerlings to full grown adult fish at 4-7 lbs and up to 24 inches in length. They are released back into the environment into local rivers and ponds.

Q. How does this benefit the surrounding community?

The fish are primarily used to stock the South Branch of the Potomac River for the Spring Fest festival, the first weekend of each May for the Trout Rodeo. Before the fish are released, several are tagged. An angler catching a tagged fish during the rodeo wins prize money.

Q. What does this process demonstrate to the surrounding community?

A. The use of our on-site spring water to raise rainbow trout demonstrates Greer’s commitment to maintaining and protecting the environment. Trout are known to be a sensitive species that require clean, unpolluted water for their growth.

Q. What is done with the trout/where are they taken?

A. Most end up at the Trout Rodeo, while others have been released in our on-site pond and other local rivers.

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