Purity, Quality, Consistency

Greer Lime Company has the most uniform limestone deposit in the region. As a matter of fact, Greer Lime Company has the purest limestone deposit east of the Mississippi River; with a calcium content of 98%, we boast some of the purist lime in the industry. Our lime is very low in silica, iron, aluminum, magnesium and other impurities.

We provide samples from our quarry to our Laboratory on a daily basis so we are able to predict the quality of the finished product. Our operators are heavily involved in the process, performing hourly sampling to ensure that the chemistry of our lime meets the customer’s expectations. Our scales are calibrated on a daily basis for our packaged products so the desired weight is delivered to the customer each and every time.

At Greer Lime Company, our sole focus is to provide the finest lime products and service to our customers.

Commitment to Quality Customer Service

Located in Pendleton County, West Virginia, The Greer Lime Company has been providing the highest quality lime products to our customers for over 50 years. We started by providing rock dust to the coal mine operators in the region. Our capabilities now include products such as pebble lime, hydrated lime, limestone aggregates, ag lime, rock dust and limestone sand. Our location in Riverton, West Virginia has high calcium limestone reserves averaging 98.0% calcium carbonate.

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Greer Lime is proud to be ISO 9001 Current Revision Certified for Quality Management System Compliance in the Production of High Calcium Quicklime, Hydrated Lime, and Ground Limestone Products.

Greer Lime is also certified by the National Science Foundation for both hydrate and quicklime products to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for Drinking Water Chemicals. View Official Certification…

Additional recognition:
• Recognized by the National Lime Association’s Legion of Safety Award: No Lost Time Accidents
• Recognized for completing 1000 days without a lost time accident
• Received a reclamation award from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
• Mine Safety and Health Admin. Sentinels of Safety Certificate: No Lost Time Accidents (2004—2010)