05 May 2012

Bradley Hercules Air Stream Mill

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Our Bradley Mill gives you something no other limestone source can provide.

A higher level of quality and reliability

As part of our ongoing commitment to customers and future markets, Greer Lime has installed some big upgrades, including the Bradley Hercules Air Stream Mill. The Bradley Mill allows us to provide you with a greater range and volume of limestone products.

It is designed to provide greater control over current product lines and increases the consistency and quality of the products you receive from Greer Lime. The mill is capable of producing customized ground limestone products for numerous applications that require varying degrees of physical sizing.

More products, more options

Our product line is now bigger and broader than ever before. Greer Lime’s products are ideal for applications such as rock dust for the coal industry, fertilizer production for agricultural use, flue gas desulphurization, and as micro feed ingredients, fillers, and extenders. Whatever ground limestone requirements you may have, Greer Lime will be capable of providing you with a finished product.

Greer Lime can process all grades of limestone products including:

  • Upper Newmarket
  • Lower Newmarket
  • Lincolnshire

With your chemistry and physical sizing requirements, Geer Lime can provide a ground limestone product that fits your application.

24/7, Count-on-it supply

Our mill boosts our production output and capability even higher. When you have a need, we can react quickly and accurately with quality products and reliable delivery.

About the Bradley Hercules Mill

For over 100 years, Bradley has been an international leader in pulverizing equipment. The new mill provides the following…

  • Rugged, heavy duty design
  • Matched to feed material for predictable, reliable results
  • Dynamic multiple separators permit instant adjustment and flexibility
  • Cleaner top cuts for finer grinding
  • Fine powders: 100% passing 30 microns
  • Course grind: 50% passing 100 mesh

A focus on automation and efficiency

Along with the increased production that the Bradley Mill offers, additional upgrades have been installed that fully automate our handling and packaging processes.

They include:

  • A new PLC-controlled packer
  • New fully automated, PLC-controlled Moller palletizer and stretch hooder
  • Installation of a Bulk Super Sack system for rock dust packages up to 2000 pounds. The system automates loading and weighing.
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